Join the Aiden Lab!

We're looking for great scientists and postdocs to join the team, especially molecular biologists, computer scientists, and biophysicists. But if you're a really creative scientist of any variety, and are interested in the sorts of things we do, reach out to us!

You will have the opportunity to work on a broad array of projects with an interdisciplinary approach. Applied and theoretical aspects of computer science, mathematics, physics, biology, engineering, and economics are used to make landmark discoveries in our lab.

Full Time Jobs

Formal Listings:

If your desired position is not listed above, but you're interested in exploring uncharted scientific territory, reach out to us!

Internship: ORBITS Program

The Center for Genome Architecture seeks to introduce outstanding undergraduates to a team of researchers with various academic backgrounds, to explore topics at the forefront of science. This program is associated with Rice University and the Center for Theoretical Biological Physics.

Previous interns from our lab have gone on to become Putnam Fellows, Rhodes Scholars, and to have their work featured on the cover of Nature and Science. However, they are united by a willingness to look beyond traditional boundaries and confidently apply sophisticated quantitative thinking to uncharted scientific territory.

If you’re looking for money or a quick publication, we’re not the right place for you. But if you are interested in doing the kind of research people will still be reading about 10 years from now, we look forward to reviewing your candidacy.

Students have generally completed this program for course credit:

  • BIOE 400/401
  • BIOC 310
  • BIOC 401/402/412
  • COMP 290/390/490
  • EBIO 306
  • HONS 470/471
If you have some of the skills below and a passion for science, apply here.

Wet Lab Skills

  • General tissue culture techniques, including culturing of human and mouse cell lines, primary cells, embryonic stem cells and iPS.
  • Transient and stable cell transfection, virus­-based infection.
  • RNAi­-based knock­down and vector­mediated ectopic expression, marker­based positive clone selection.
  • Perform flow cytometry acquisition and analysis, immunofluorescent microscope analysis.
  • Cell­-based assays to evaluate viability.
  • Protein analysis by western blotting, enzymatic assays.
  • DNA/RNA sequencing
  • Chromatin immunoprecipitation
  • Genome editing (CRISPR, TALENS)

Computational Skills

  • Strong knowledge and experience in either Java or C/C++
  • Experience using scripting language such as Python, Perl, or Awk
  • Interest in answering questions through the quantitative analysis of data
  • Highly motivated and able to work in dynamic environment
  • [Bonus] Experience using front end technologies such as JavaScript/HTML/CSS
  • [Bonus] Experience with Amazon AWS and Github
  • [Bonus] Experience in Android development or with 3D Modeling/Gaming Engines
  • [Bonus] Experience with building software-based data visualizations


Interested in adding value to your resume by volunteering in the lab while you work on your studies? Contact us for opportunities!